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Australian aged care should have access to the most up to date technology to enable their administration.

We Believe

Inerva Software is for Australian Aged Care Providers who are dissatisfied with software systems that don’t serve their unique industry.


Inerva is a comprehensive software system purpose built for the sector that provides streamlined workflows in a single solution.


Unlike generic software that is dumbed-down to cater for every kind of industry, Inerva is a complete accounting, HR and administration system in a single package, designed just for Australian Aged Care.

All the software you need.

So you can focus on care.

The features you need.

Time & Attendance



Human Resources

Training Management

ACFI Client Billing

DAP / RAD Automation

Claim Reconciliation

Orders and Suppliers

Fixed Assets

Repairs and Maintenance

General Ledger

Cash Managment


Fixed Assets 

Repairs and Maintenance

Roster & Payroll

Client Management

One seamless flow of information from biometric time and attendance reconciled with roster, feeding automated payroll then posted to your general ledger.


The Inerva human resources module is designed for use in a 24/7 environment and specifically for Australia's modern award system.


Automated payroll generation reduces key-person risk and streamlines processing of your biggest cost item.




The Inerva accounting core is only used in Australian aged care.   Accounts receivable is shaped around ACFI billing and grandfathered schemes.


Inerva provides RAD / DAP automation supporting the 2014 aged care reforms.  When legislation changes, our team creates better automation to keep you ahead at every turn.

Inerva is your accounting system.  So why not have fully integrated accounts payable, fixed assets register and a maintanance log with links back to assets.   You can on-charge purchase items to clients, or add assets right from the purchase area.


by the numbers

Australian Aged Care beds or places under management with the help of Inerva software.

Australian Aged Care Sites you will find Inerva software taking care of business.

Years serving the Australian Aged Care sector.




Reports and Analysis

General Ledger

Cash Management

Inerva's flexible accounting core let's you track multi-company setups with quick intercompany transfers and live consolidation.


Limitless cost centers and a filterable

hierarchical account structure makes

presentation simple and clear.

Out-of-the-box, Inerva has over 130 built-in reports.  Every built-in report can be customised with Inerva's powerful report writer.


You can connect your data to third-party business intellegence and reporting tools through open-standard interfaces.


On-screen data-view manipulation gets you the answers quickly and you can export everything you see to Microsoft Excel® in one-click.

Supported with voices

Too often these days all you get is email support. Inerva's support team will talk to you when you need them.  We're old-fashioned that way.


There's a freecall 1800 number you can call to get in touch with our team of qualified experts.  You can share your screen to get a quick ad-hoc tutorial whenever you need it.  We call it...

Peace of mind.

Meet the in-crowd

Get in touch with sales

Send a message to the sales team right now with the form below.  Don't forget to leave your contact details.  If you would prefer to chat, call us on 1800-INERVA.

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