Economic Benefits of the NDIS in Victoria – National Disability Services & Every Australian Counts

Extract from an article on Ethical Jobs

New research shows the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) will trigger a jobs boom worth billions of dollars when it’s rolled out in Victoria – including thousands of new jobs in disability services, and relatedadmin, finance and management jobs too.

In fact, it shows the scheme could generate up to $5.4 billion in total economic activity across Victoria.

The research, carried out by peak body National Disability Services, aimed to quantify exactly how the NDIS will benefit Victorians.

It found that the NDIS will “lead to a large increase in employment in the Victorian disability service sector” – including thousands more disability jobs.

But beyond just these directly-funded jobs, the NDIS implementation will create:

  • New jobs for people with disability, including direct employment growth of between 6,800-10,800 jobs;

  • New jobs for current, unpaid carers returning to the workforce, including growth of approximately 8,300 full-time jobs;

  • Total direct employment growth of approximately 15,000-19,000 jobs

  • Flow-on effects which will see the creation of 31,400-39,000 new jobs in Victoria; and

  • A huge financial benefit of $4.3-5.4 billion in economic activity every year when the NDIS is fully implemented.

The findings come not long after the Queensland government announced an early NDIS rollout, also creating thousands of jobs in that state.

Speaking to The Age, NDS Victoria manager David Moody said the report, titled Economic Benefits of the NDIS in Victoria, highlights why the NDIS is so long overdue.

“What’s so encouraging about this report is that it shows how financially smart the NDIS is. Up to $5.4 billion dollars growing Victoria’s economy each year is very welcome news,” he said.

We’re also thrilled with the findings of the report and its implications on people living with disability and their carers!..(continues)

SOURCE: “NDIS to create 15,000+ new jobs in Victoria: report”, Ethical Jobs, 10 March 2016


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