Change is Continuous in Aged and Home Care

April 18, 2016

20 years ago in a discussion with aged care managers, the hardest part of their job they said was the continuous amount of change. They were tired; “it wasn't like this in previous years”. I said to them, “you need to adjust to this being the new norm”. Over those years we have had Accreditation, CACP, VHC, EACH, DEACH, Living Longer Living Better, CDC, NDIS, CHSP, etc. The only constant over this period has been significant and continuous change. You could say accelerating levels of change.

On a software front we at Inerva Software have had to also keep pace with all of this change, our team has expanded and new roles have been created to keep ahead. Along with our Residential Aged Care Software and Retirement Village Software (ILU Software), this financial year we have extended into the Community Care Software area, this covers CDC Home Care Software, CHSP Software, NDIS Software, VHC Software and Respite Software. We have CDC Budgets, Visit Scheduling, variable hourly and unit price depending on client’s concessional status, time and day of visits.

We know it has been a busy year in the Residential and Home Care industry; it has been busy here also. Next financial year we plan to be ahead to changes rather than keeping up with chances. One of the many things we will be looking at is CDC in Residential Care. We hope you will join us in this journey of continuous change.

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