Plan now for a happy future

May 3, 2016

JAN and Don MacGregor are happy pensioners who enjoy life, which might not be how Mackay pensioners will describe their situation in 2036.

Born and bred in Mackay, the pair say the key to living a happy retirement is to live within your means and to realise the value of superannuation.

"One of our granddaughters complains about paying super but that's what will look after you. For those who live pension to pension it must be tough," Mrs MacGregor said.

She worked as a shop assistant before having to go on a disability pension and her husband retired from butchering six months before retirement age.

"I've only had two weeks out of work in my life. We were fortunate that getting work was easy for us. You could walk out of one job and into another," Mr MacGregor said.

The MacGregors, who live in a retirement village, say they live within their means.

"Living in Mackay is expensive. But if you watch your pennies, you can live comfortably.

"We don't drink, smoke or play bingo but we love our holidays. We always saved. We made sure we had an investment account and we had a negatively-geared property, but we only broke even on that," Mrs MacGregor said.

As both the MacGregors have suffered from ill health they are satisfied with the health service but do feel that waiting lists are too long.

"When we were paying a lot for my medications, we couldn't afford private health insurance. You do wait a long time to get in. But we've had really good service from Mackay Base Hospital," she said.

And despite the statistics, they wouldn't swap living here for a larger city.

"It's much better here than a big city. People are so friendly here," she said.


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