When the Young are Forced into Aged Care

May 24, 2016

What would happen if you suddenly needed to be cared for? Would you have someone to look after you and $100,000 to modify your house?

John was 15 when he became a quadriplegic after a sporting accident.

In that split second his life changed and his needs meant that he needed to stay living with his parents for another 22 years until he got married and his wife was able to care for him.

Believe it or not many aren't as lucky as John and their needs see them being one of 7000 young Australians move into aged care homes.

Youngcare is an organisation asking us to all think about what that would be like - being in your twenties and forced to live in a home where the average age of your fellow residents is 84.

John and the CEO of Youngcare Samantha Kennerley spoke to Ali Clarke about the unmet need for care facilities for young people.


Read more at http://blogs.abc.net.au/sa/2016/05/when-the-young-are-forced-into-aged-care-.html

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