Investigating impact of reforms on low income older renters

June 1, 2016

The University of Adelaide is seeking participants for a study investigating community aged care service delivery and the implications of the aged care reforms on low income older renters.

PHOTO: Researchers want to find out the impact of the aged care reforms on low income older renters.

Housing is fundamental to the wellbeing of everyone, particularly older people, and housing affordability is becoming a struggle for many.

The current lack of affordable, suitable accommodation for older people may result in a crisis in community aged care support and have an impact on capacity of other support and care services.

As the aged care reforms roll out, little attention has been paid to low income older renters who need assistance to stay in their homes.

“I would like to speak with aged care and housing service providers, to explore what their experiences are of working together; and also older people to find out how they have navigated the aged care and housing sectors,” Dr Victoria Cornell explains.

“With the aged care reforms that are rolling out I think there might be implications when it comes to housing tenure.”

Rental tenants often have restricted rights to modify or adjust their accommodation and limited discretionary income. Will they be able to enjoy the benefits associated with the reforms? How can service providers best help them? 

“My concern is that the aged care reforms are great, as long as you own your home or you are in a stable tenancy,” Dr Cornell says.

“I want to find out how people in the private rental sector are faring.

“I’d be interested in discussing with older people in private rentals, whether their landlords are amenable to a grab rail or a ramp, she continues, “Or if there are landlords that are not willing to modify the property and say they’ll find somebody who can live in a property as it is.”

The research team is seeking participants for two groups of people. Firstly, service providers from both the housing and community aged care sectors are invited to take part in an interview. Interviews can be conducted with providers anywhere in the country, via telephone or Skype.

Secondly, the research team is looking for older renters, aged 60 years and over, or 50 years and over if from an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island background, who are receiving Government funded in home care or a Home Care Package.

Respondents are invited to take part in focus group discussions held in South Australia and New South Wales. The SA locations will be Adelaide, Port Adelaide/ Salisbury, and Mount Gambier; and the NSW locations will be Sydney, Parramatta area and the Central Coast.

This study has received University ethics approval; and participation is voluntary and confidential.



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