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Streamlined accreditation arrangements across residential and community aged care

Key changes

The Australian Aged Care Quality Agency, audits and verifies performance against quality standards through accreditation in residential care and quality reporting in the community.

The streamlining of different quality accreditation arrangements across aged care will:

  • create a quality system consistent with best practice regulation

  • better target frequency and scope of quality assessment activities to be risk based and proportionate to the services being assessed.

Services where consumers may be more likely to be at risk will be targeted based on:

  • the nature of the service

  • where providers’ history shows us that they may need more assistance to comply with requirements.


Aged care providers may also provide disability services, state‑based community care and health care. External quality frameworks where these are in line with the aged care quality framework may be recognised.

By streamlining these arrangements, providers will be freed up to spend more time focusing on consumer outcomes rather than on red tape.

It may also provide opportunities to encourage high industry performance to prepare for the increased competition they will face when consumers can choose their service providers.


The department is working with the National Aged Care Alliance Quality Advisory Group to develop options for streamlining quality accreditation arrangements, and will consult more broadly with the sector in 2017.


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