Mercy Health and Southern Cross Care Victoria exploring merger

Mercy Health and Southern Cross Care Victoria have confirmed they are in talks over a possible merger, which could result in the largest aged care provider in Victoria.

The two Catholic not-for-profit providers said they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to explore a possible merger “and work together to ensure the quality and consistent care of the people they serve, now and into the future.”

Southern Cross Care Victoria and Mercy Health share a 2,000-year tradition of compassionate care for the elderly and vulnerable, they said in a joint statement.

It is anticipated that if the two organisations are brought together it would create the largest aged and home care provider of its kind in Victoria, they said.

During the next six months the two organisations will conduct a process of due diligence.

“We see this partnership as an opportunity to serve more people, to do so sustainably and to fulfil the missions for which both organisations are founded.”

The news from Mercy Health and Southern Cross Care is the latest in a series of mergers and partnerships in the aged care sector.


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