CES 2017: The coolest tech creations coming your way

The Consumer Electronics Show has wrapped up for another year, with a host of new tech announcements that herald an exciting year ahead for home entertainment, personal tech and automotive innovation.

This year’s line-up was dominated by a formidable array of new televisions – including super-thin, super-slash-ultra-high-definition models of all shapes, sizes and degrees of curvature – alongside one device we’ve been promised for decades: our very own robot.

Dawn of the robots

World, meet Kuri: a home robot that will revolutionise the way you live, work and play.

Not only can Kuri respond to voice commands, but it can also recognise faces and perform basic household tasks, like monitoring cooking or taking care of home entertainment.

The best part is, the only language Kuri speaks is robot: beeps, boops and bloops, much like R2D2, from Star Wars.

Alongside Kuri we also met Olly; a home robot that learns your routine and daily requirements, from London robotics startup, Emotech.

Olly is said to be a ‘learning’ robot; one that will leverage its Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help it adapt to your life, creating an experience that Emotech says is “unique and enjoyable”.

read more at http://thenewdaily.com.au/life/tech/2017/01/07/ces-2017/

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