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New Sequential tap mixers lower energy cost and risk of legionella

A new range of Sequential mixers from Enware Australia is helping healthcare and aged care facilities reduce energy costs as well as the risk of legionella.

Developed for the health and aged care market, Enware LEVA Sequential mixers are designed for ensuite showering and handwashing applications. Complementing the Leva range, these mixers deliver several benefits compared with traditional single lever mixer type tapware in terms of ease of use and maintenance, potential energy savings and reduced risk of legionella.

The design of the Enware LEVA Sequential range suits most basin types by adding an appropriate spout (available separately from Enware). The Sequential ceramic disc cartridge moves progressively from ‘off’ to ‘full cold’ to ‘mixed’ to ‘full warm’, in a single anti-clockwise rotation without the need to lift, offering much easier control for users with arthritic or mobility conditions.

Energy usage is reduced as the tap does not draw any hot/warm water until the handle is moved to the mixed position. This also reduces the risk of legionella as warm/hot water is not drawn into the pipework.

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