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Samsung – all home devices connected by 2020

Samsung’s regional forum for Southeast Asia and Oceania is a preview of what is coming in 2017. Amazing new QLED TVs, Dolby Atmos sound bars and systems, robotic vacuum cleaners, dual washing machines, home appliances, and more will come to Australia in the ensuing months.

Jeon Yong Sung, president, and chief executive of Samsung Electronics in the region, welcomed more than 130 media and several hundred retail and distribution partners to the event. On display were some items straight from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but, more importantly, it was Samsung’s way to showcase its 2017 consumer electronics (CE) and home appliance (HA) range to a very interested audience.

It was a Samsung event and, yes, it was justifiably proud of its achievements. Jeon said it had been number one in TV sales for over a decade, it was now Asia’s most trusted consumer electronics brand, and it is all because Samsung has innovation at its very core. “We invest heavily in R&D to stay well ahead – everything needs to become a smart thing.”

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