Holographic doctors: the future is now

November 27, 2017

Imagine needing medical assistance in old age and being able to access that via a hologram. According to an aged care service, that reality could be just months away.

The Silver Chain Group CEO has said that what used to be considered science fiction is fast becoming reality.

Pointing to the omnipresent smartphone, Dr Christopher McGowan said technology has already become an extension of the human experience.

“All our support staff, including support workers and nurses and physiotherapists carry smartphones. At any given time, they have access to important client details, health protocols and rosters,” Mr McGowan said.

“It’s become an unremarkable part of our lives.

“However, what is remarkable is what is around the corner, and that is mixed reality.”

Mixed reality, or the combination of virtual reality in real world contexts, is on its way.

He explained: “Imagine you are in your living room and in need of a consultation from a health care professional because you are too sick, immobile or it is simply too far way.

“You put on a headset that instantly brings that person into your living room in holographic form. You will be able have a face-to-face conversation with them as if they were really there.”

Calling this an “exciting” development, Mr McGowan said the technology will impact both professionals and consumers.


Read more at https://www.nestegg.com.au/retirement/11209-holographic-doctors-the-future-is-now

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