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Single Touch Payroll is here at Inerva

Inerva passed the security section of White Listing for Single Touch Payroll. Our infrastructure model of Inerva software and the type of ATO API’s Inerva will consume have been classified as low security risk by the ATO. We anticipate passing Conformance Testing next week with the ATO on the very latest requirements that come into effect on 26/3/2018. This will complete Inerva's Certification for STP. We have scheduled Product Verification Testing (PVT) with the ATO on 4/4/2018 and anticipate passing this last requirement on that day or shortly after. Product Verification Testing (PVT) with the ATO also includes live beta testing with one of our clients, it isn’t a simple 10-minute process. This is the final process in Whitelisting Inerva for use in Single Touch Payroll by the ATO.

Don’t worry if all of the above sounds very technical, there are 3 major requirements for Inerva to complete for our registration with the ATO for Single Touch Payroll, we have completed the 1st, almost completed the 2nd and expect to complete the 3rd and last requirement just after Easter which includes our 1st client going live. We anticipate from mid-April we will start moving all organisations onto using Single Touch Payroll.

For further information on Single Touch Payroll please read our E-Booklet at:

Always confirm anything you read on Single Touch Payroll with the ATO and constantly check back that it hasn’t changed. We are up to version 3 of the transmission contents specification, version 4 STP Business Scenario’s and version 3 of the STP Business Implementation Guide. Everyone lost count of how many versions of the Whitelisting requirements for Digital Service Providers (DSP’s, that is the ATO’s new name for software providers) there have been.

Inerva is here to support our clients with Single Touch Payroll. We will be one of the 1st software providers to have the latest requirements available to our customers. We will release our schedule for going live once PVT has been passed. We are still looking at an April 2018 release of our STP version of Inerva Payroll and having all users using STP by the end of May 2018 to beat the June/July rush for registration and compliance.

Or contact Guy Degoumois directly at Inerva on 1800 463782.

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