Single Touch Payroll live at Inerva Aged Care Software

May 27, 2018

Just a reminder, Inerva Aged and Home Care Software is live with Single Touch Payroll. This is not just whitelisted/approved by the ATO as a Single Touch Payroll software provider, this is running live Single Touch Payroll Transmissions. We are only one of a handful of Software Providers who are actually transmitting live STP transactions, Inerva was the first payroll software program to transmit Version 3 of Single Touch Payroll using the first gateway to be approved for this. Version 3 of Single Touch Payroll is the latest version that was only released for testing in April 2018 by the ATO and has significant improvements on previous versions including reducing STP Gateway costs.


If you are using Inerva Payroll you should have already received notification we are rolling STP out live. Please contact us to schedule your implementation of our STP version including configurations and training so you can go live.


If you would like more information about STP and Inerva please contact Guy Degoumois on 1800 463 782. If you would like to schedule an implementation of STP contact our support team on the same number.

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