DHS Aged Care Payment Statement Webinar

November 15, 2016

This is a great summary of how the Residential and CDC Home Care Payment Statements and payments work.


Of particular interest was the following comment by one of the DHS speakers that providers can only use the DHS letters on individual client Fees and Charges to alter that clients Fees and Charges, Providers cannot use the Payment Statement to change clients Fees and Charges. Check out the webinar once it has been uploaded for more details.


Link to sample Residential Payment Statement  http://images.viostream.com/templates/1482/f1e4839e-b796-4f44-b0e1-6edeaecee6bc/Payment_Statement_-_Residential_Care.pdf


Link to sample CDC Home Care Payment Statement  http://images.viostream.com/templates/1482/f1e4839e-b796-4f44-b0e1-6edeaecee6bc/Payment_Statement_-_Homecare.pdf


Link to DSH Aged Care Provider web pages https://www.humanservices.gov.au/health-professionals/professions/aged-care-providers



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