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Home Care Package Subsidy Payment Changes

Home Care Package subsidy will not be paid in advance any more. Providers need to do the following:

December 2020:

  • Ensure you are up-to-date with claiming. You will receive your last advance (for January 2021) by the end of December 2020.

January 2021:

  • Submit your December 2020 claim as normal. This will not be affected by the changes.

  • You will not receive an advance for February 2021.

February 2021:

  • Submit your January 2021 claim as normal. This claim will reconcile against the January 2021 advance you received in December 2020.

March 2021:

  • Submit your February 2021 claim as normal.

  • Services will be paid their full claim amount minus any held-over amounts or applicable adjustments.


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