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Innovative new test promises healthier ageing

Aged Care Minister Ken Wyatt AM said the Australian Government-funded Frailty in Community Dwelling Older People – Using Frailty Screening as the Canary in the Coal Mine study outlines a life-changing opportunity. “Frailty detection is a game-changer in helping senior Australians enjoy a healthier and more active future,” said Minister Wyatt. “By taking the simple FRAIL five-point online test and following up with your GP as necessary, people have the opportunity to detect frailty before it hits, allowing them to take action to live better lives, remain in their own homes for longer and avoid potential hospitalisation. “People classed as frail are more at risk from fall injuries, deteriorating health and premature death.”

The study found:

  • The frailty prevalence rate was 6 percent

  • 38 per cent fell into the pre-frail category

  • Slightly more than half (56 per cent) were categorised as robust

  • Women were found to have a much higher incidence of frailty than men

  • 5 per cent of men were frail, compared with 8 per cent of womens

  • 34 per cent of men were pre-frail compared with 41 per cent of women

  • Almost half of the women surveyed were either frail or pre-frail, compared with less than 40 per cent of men.

Minister Wyatt encouraged all seniors to take the FRAIL test. “We know Australians overwhelmingly want to remain in their own homes for as long as possible and that staying strong and healthy is the best way to achieve this,” the Minister said. “Early intervention strategies like the FRAIL test are critical and can also contribute to a more sustainable and efficient aged care system.” The FRAIL test is available through the Positive Ageing Resource Centre website. At the conclusion of the brief questionnaire, users can print off a personal summary to present to their health professional.

Take the Frail Test at

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