$320 Million increase in aged care funding starts today

The Federal Government's increased Aged Care funding starts today. Although the government explanations talk about it as one off funding, this is spread over 18 months in the normal monthly subsidy payments while the Royal Commission runs and the new funding arrangements are finalised to replace ACFI.

For Residential Care it is a 9.5% increase in Basic Subsidy, increases in Viability and Homelessness Supplements.

For Home Care it is an increase in moderate to severe levels of cognitive impairment and veterans’ with a mental health condition.

Read more at: https://d15k2d11r6t6rl.cloudfront.net/public/users/Integrators/BeeProAgency/119311_94936/Morrison%20-%20Hunt%20-%20Wyatt%20-%20Media%20release%20-%2010000%20HCP.pdf

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